Using BigCommerce in the UK

Having looked at a number of cloud-based e-commerce packages for I’ve come away very impressed with BigCommerce. Having used high -end packages like ATG and IBM before I’m really quite impressed with what you get for not a lot of outlay; Sure this has its limitations but what it does is really quite powerful.

The main thing that sold this for me was the fact that compared to some of the other packages I looked at, the quality of the sample templates meant that the amount of customization I would have to do was small. Also the SEO features were pretty good.

On the down side, localization and tax-handling were pretty ropey but since we have an english audience then this is workable

.The big issue I had was the fact that BigCommerce is US-based and as a result is not optimial for a UK business. Having weighed this up I decided to jump in anyway and launch The Little Treasure Box  on BigCommerce.

The reason I did this was because I wanted to get up and running with a decent store front and reasoned that plenty of other companies host out of the US – making this optimized in the UK is something that I could look at later – since BigCommerce is simply an ASP of interspire then at worst this woudl be an option.

The other thing that I reasoned was that if I coudl afford it, I woudl try to accellerate things using a CDN like Akamai – that being the case this might end up with an initial IP anywhere.

Anyway, from my perspective I’m choosing to go down the route of concentrating on the site and relegate the IP issue to the future – stay tuned for how this pans out.


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