Making BigCommerce work in the UK

In a previous post, I said I’d plumped for BigCommerce as my ecomm platform even though I’m in the UK.

Some of this was based on the rationale that content is king and tcp is plumbing.

As far as plumbing goes I have been making strides into making BigCommerce more usable for a UK audience. This is not really at the content level but more ta the HTTP level.

The steps I am going through as as follows

  1. Using a CDN to accellerate the content
  2. Minifying js/css
  3. Tagging up the content for a UK audience
  4. ensuring that there is a UK in the domain
  5. Telling Google I am in the UK

If all this fails I have a plan-B which involves pushing thsi behind a VPS running a caching proxy such as squid effectively rolling my own CDN.

So what did I do?

For a CDN I’m hooked up to CloudFlare and to me, BigCommerce and CloudFlare are a much better proposition for a UK business than BigCommerce alone. Basically this is because CloudFlare caches most of your content in Europe which from Google’s perspective is much better than grabbing things from the states.

Better still this minifies my scripts,css and HTML on the fly and as it is a cache it cuts down my hits on bigcommerce – The best thing is it’s free!

Although I’ve had a couple of hickups along the way this seems to be faster than hitting BigCommerce alone.

From a tagging perspective HTTP-EQUIV meta tags have been added for Language and Content-Language nailing this to en-GB and although my hosting is in the US my domain registration is local.

So far I’m happy with what this is doing and backlinks seem more pressing than plumbing although only time will tell.

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