Fairy Forest – Fairy Gifts

This week Fairy Forest began its life. Fairy Forest stocks Fairy Themed Gifts for special princesses – Enjoy!

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Lag and delay issues with Cloudflare?

As previously posted I have been using Cloudflare on our Filled Party Bags store for a while. However, recently the site which was cloudflared experienced long delays (up to 30 seconds)! Stragely this did not seem to affect the origin server – implying the issue was outside of the origin or tha the origin was throttling cloudflare,

After some googling it appeared that I was not the only one having these kind of issues with CF; and in this instance disabling cloudflare resolved these lags.

As a result, I am going to give Incapusula a whirl which, have a slightly different proposition to cloudflare.

For wordpress (including this blog) however I’ve never had an issue with CF.


Watch this space


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Party Bags, Barclays PingIt and BigCommerce

Just been investigating Barclays PingIt and to be honest am knocked out by the ease of use. As a result I reckoned it was something we wanted to offer at our Website which sells childrens party bags and Party Bag Fillers: Party Bag Kids.

This turned out to be a straightforward affair by assuming taht PingIt was a subclass of BigCommerce’s built in MoneyOrder payment method.

As the instructions allow HTML to be added this ends up with a instructions being available to allow funds to be “pinged”.

Next time you need pirate party bags give it a go.

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Bigcommerce Social Shop and Olark

As mentioned previously, I recently installed a livechat function on our Kids Party bags site using olark and bigcommerce.

This works great however it looks very wierd in our social shop in facebook, as a result I ended up modifying the text in the integration to disable olark in the social shop.


<!– begin olark code –><script type=’text/javascript’>/*{literal}<![CDATA[*/
<!– end olark code –>

<!– begin olark code –><script type=’text/javascript’>/*{literal}<![CDATA[*/if (window.location.href && window.location.href.indexOf("__socialshop")==-1) {window.olark||(function(c){var
<!– end olark code –>

This diables olark in the soial shop.

… Enjoy



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livechat with olark and Bigcommerce

I recently installed a livechat function on our Kids Party bags site using olark and bigcommerce. love it!




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Separate subdomains with cloudflare and bigcommerce

One common technique that I have used in the past is using separate usbdomains for hosting larger static files. I recently ended up diong this with BigCommerce and Cloudflare to avoid pulling large content thru bigcommerce.

I did this recently with our Kids Party Bags site: PartyBagKids. This was done by creating a subdomain of partybagkids.co.uk and then using “rules” in cloudflare mapping certain elements to the subdomain via a 301. This means the page requests a resource but it is 301′ed to the image domain and is delivered locally. As I am running out of the UK this is worth doing for large assets. This also avoids pulling unrelated assets through cloudflare and lowers the TCO.

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Integrating Big Commerce with WordPress

Just had a first look at Big Commerce API for accessing products.

This seems quite cool and appears to be a plain old xml API, I first came across this when I looked for a way of embedding products from partybagkids uk into blogs such as this one, and found a wordpress plug in that used this API unfortunately this appears a little buggy, and doesn’t handle nice Url’s such as http://www.partybagkids.co.uk/party-bag-fillers/

I’m guessing this because it uses version 1 API this means it can hook images up but not links. This looks straight forward enough to fix I may try given the time.

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Google Apps

Just used Google Apps for the first time to get “real” email addresses for http://www.partybagkids.co.uk/

Very Cool

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The infamous BigCommerce H1 Tag issue – revisited

Using BigCommerce for Party bag Kids UK is great however there is one element which niggles me and others – namely the H1 issue that is dicussed here.

Basically BigCommerce generates nice H1 tags unless you have a image logo and then it disappears.

Others have suggested that this be fixed by chnage all H2′s to H1′s however this seems wrong as it is simply the H1 missing round the image.

as a result we modified the image logo fragment to deal with this and inserted the following:

<div id=”Logo”>
<a href=”http://www.partybagkids.co.uk/”><div id=”H1LogoText”><h1>Party Bag Kids UK – Kids party bags, Ideas &amp; fillers for children’s birthday party bags</h1></div>
<img src=”http://www.partybagkids.co.uk/product_images/partyBagKidsUK.jpg” border=”0″ id=”LogoImage” alt=”Party Bag Kids UK”/></a>

An addition to this we added a CSS rule to H1LogoText to set it to display:none

We now have H1 tags

Job done!

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301 or 302 for www/non-www in BigCommerce

BigCommerce redirects a non www. domain such as partybagkids.co.uk to the www version (www.partybagkids.co.uk) however this is done via a 302 (tempoary redirect).

According to google a 301 (perminent redirect) is what is needed.

To do this CloudFlare again came the rescue.

Using cloudflare, was able to set up 2 DNS records (www & @) to point at BigCommerce and our hosting respectively.

Then it was a matter of setting up a 301 on the hosting using apache.

Job Done.

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